Armenian MS 7

Place and date of writing unknown.

Paper, 592ff, approx. 12.25x9cm. Written surface area: 10.5x6.5cm.

Armenian MS 4

Jerusalem, 864 AE / 1415 AD.

Collection of Canticles.


Paper, 337 ff., 18x14cm. Written surface: 14x10.5cm, text in one column of 20-21 lines in bolorgir.


Copied at the monastery of Surb Yakob (St. James) by the scribe Grigor for the priest Enovk’, son of Ǝṙǝstakes and T’aguhi.


Contents: (1) ff.1-3, table of contents; (2) ff.4-4v, two colophons; (3) ff.5-332v, Canons for the year; (4) f.332v, prayer for the commissioner; (5) ff.333-333v, 336, principal colophon, dated AD 1415.


Formerly Beinecke Z107.51.


Description: Sanjian no. 32, pp. 166-78.

Armenian MS 3

Zet’un (in the canton of Germanik, aka Marash), 1043 AE / 1594 AD.

Four Gospels.


Paper, 322 ff., 18x12cm. Written surface area: 12x8.5cm, text in two columns of 19 lines each in bolorgir. Three vellum endpapers (2 in front, 1 in back) from an older Gospel in erkat’agir.


Copied during the incumbency of Catholicos Azaria of the Armenian see of Cilicia, written at the church of Surb Sargis (St. Sergius). Gospels of Matthew and Mark written by priest Margarē and his pupil Anania Abełay; Gospels of Luke and John copied by priest Vahan, son of Awetik’ and Zmrut’. Illustrations executed by Margarē. Commissioned by Xočay Sargis and his brother Vasil, surnamed Alt’I Parmaxenc’.


Contents: ff.15-100, Gospel of Matthew; ff. 103-159v, Gospel of Mark; ff. 164-251, Gospel of Luke; ff.255-318, Gospel of John.


Formerly Beinecke Z107.55.


Description: Sanjian no. 33, pp.178-86.

Armenian MS 1

[17th-18th c].

Brief Exposition of the Seven Sacraments of the (Armenian) Church.


Paper, 72 pp., 20x14cm. Written surface area: 15x11cm, in one column of 19-20 lines in notragir.


Description: Sanjian no. 29, pp. 133-136.



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Armenian Manuscripts

The Beinecke Library holds about 40 Armenian manuscripts: 7 manuscripts under the Armenian MS shelfmark, 22 are part of the Hartford Seminary Collection, and 11 others are found in the general collection. "Armenian" is defined broadly to include manuscripts written in Armenian or produced in historical regions of Armenia.


In the finding aid below, manuscripts are sorted by shelfmark and ordered chronologically within each group. Basic codicological information is provided. Where available, images in the Beinecke Digital Collections are linked through the photo accompanying each item.


The Hartford Seminary Armenian manuscripts and several of the Armenian manuscripts from the Beinecke's general holdings were described by Avedis K. Sanjian in A Catalogue of Medieval Armenian Manuscripts in the United States (1976); the notes below rely on this catalog. Many of these manuscripts are not yet in Orbis (as of March 2016) and should be requested directly through Aeon.

Armenian shelfmark

Hartford Seminary Armenian shelfmark

Other Armenian MSS

Hartford Seminary Armenian MS 1

671 AE / 1222 AD.

Four Gospels. Paper, 285 ff., 24.5x16.5cm. Writing surface 18.5x11cm, text in one column of 20-21 lines in old bolorgir.


Flap binding. Stamped leather over boards, with metal crosses on front cover.


Description: Sanjian no. 8, pp.73-76.

Hartford Seminary Armenian MS 2

748 AE / 1299 AD, with additions in 14th century and late 16th or 17th century.

Four Gospels.   Paper, 294 ff., 23.5x16cm. Writing surface 16.5x11.5, text in two columns of 20-21 lines in bolorgir.


Description: Sanjian no. 9, pp.76-81.

Hartford Seminary Armenian MS 3

Monastery of Noravank', 1307-1331 AD.

Monastery of Noravank', 1307-1331 AD.


Four Gospels.


Vellum, 300 ff., 25.5x18.5cm. Written surface area: 17.5x12cm, text in two columns of 19 lines in bolorgir.


Important miniatures by T'oros Taronac'i, the principal miniaturist of the 14th century in the province of Siwnik', in northwest Armenia. Each Gospel is preceded by a full-page portrait of the respective Evangelist and a richly decorated opening page.


Description: Sanjian no. 10, pp.81-89

Hartford Seminary Armenian MS 13

16th century.

Sermons and other texts.


Paper, 162 ff., 16x12cm. Written surface area: 13x9cm, text in one column of 20-28 lines in bolorgir.


Description: Sanjian no. 20, pp. 113-15.


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Beinecke MS 3, no. 45

Armenian, 1454

Three prayers, including the Lord's prayer; part of a set for use as a talisman (3 strips).


Paper (soft but heavy, no watermarks), each piece ca. 364 x 68 mm. Written in long lines on one side only, no ruling, varying number of lines. In a small neat script by the priest Melkiseth in 1454. Headpiece with palmette ornament, in yellow, red and blue. All pieces damaged by water.

Arabic MSS 143

Badlīs, Armenia, 936 AH / 1530 AD.

Abū Muḥammad al-Ḥusayn ibn Masʻūd al-Farrāʾ al-Baghawī, Maṣābīḥ al-dujá or Kitāb al-maṣābīḥ.


Corpus of traditions.

Syriac MS 9

[region of Gargar and Mor Abḥay, 17th c.]

Syriac-Armenian lexicon.


Paper, 288 pp., 15.5x10.5cm.


Contents: pp.4-199, Syriac Armenian lexicon, with various prayers preceding, following, and

interpolated. The Armenian is  written  in  Syriac  letters.

Arabic MSS suppl. 122

Kars, Armenia, 1104 AH / 1693 AD.

Ḥasan ibn Muḥammad Zībārī, Ḥāshiyah ʻalá sharḥ ʻIṣām al-Dīn.


Gloss on ʻIṣām al-Asfarāyīnī's commentary on the Farāʾid al-fawāʾid li-taḥqīq maʻānī al-istiʻārah of al-Samarqandī. On metaphors


Bound with Sharḥ al-istiʻārāt al-Samarqandīyah below.


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