Eastern European Manuscripts

In the finding aid below, the Beinecke's Eastern European manuscripts are listed as Latinate and Slavonic; pre-1600 manuscripts about Eastern Europe originating outside the region are also included. Manuscripts have been arranged chronologically within each group. Where available, images in the Beinecke Digital Collections are linked through the photo accompanying each item.

Latinate manuscripts were produced in or for readers in East-Central Europe - Bohemia, Poland, Hungary, and in one case, Croatia - and occasionally include texts in Czech or Polish. Geographically, this covers manuscripts coming out of the Western Christian tradition. Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts to 1600 are the primary focus, though three seventeenth-century manuscripts are included for being exceptionally interesting.  


Slavonic manuscripts comprise those with the shelfmark "Slavic MSS," which are largely written in Church Slavonic and date as late as 1910. Additional Slavonic manuscripts from other parts of the Beinecke collections are also included, though these have been limited to religious texts of a similar nature to those found in the Slavic MSS shelfmark.


The final group consists of manuscripts about Eastern Europe, primarily 16th-century Italian diplomatic correspondence.


Latinate Manuscripts


Beinecke MS 883

Western Germany, [between 1100 and 1175].

Cistercian Collectar, in Latin with later Polish annotations.


Taken to Ląd Abbey in Poland shortly after production.

Beinecke MS 383

Bohemia, 1398(?).

Charter of Wenceslaus IV, King of Bohemia and Germany.

Beinecke MS 471

Bohemia, [between 1400 and 1425].

Sermones dominicales.


Written probably in Bohemia during the first quarter of the 15th century. Purchased in Kutna Hora by the priest Wenceslaus of Kahlenberg [?] of Luznice.

Austria or Bohemia, [between 1400 and 1425].

Pharmacological, etc. miscellany, in Latin, German, and Czech(?). 


On f.157v, Glagolitic alphabet copied twice.

Beinecke MS 1109

Bohemia, [between 1400 and 1500].

Sermons, introductory addresses and preambles for the Church year; sermons and introductory addresses for the dedication of a church.


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Slavonic Manuscripts


Beinecke MS 749

Croatia, between 1390 and 1410.

Fragment of a breviary in Old Church Slavonic, glagolitic script.

Slavic MSS 2


Ustavʺ t︠s︡erkovněĭ sluzhby izhe vʺ ierusalimʹstyi︠a︡ lavry prepodobnago i bogonōsnago ott︠s︡a nashego Savy, sīe vʺ slědovanīe byvaet i vʺ prochikh ierusalimʹskykh ōbitelīi.


Jerusalem Typicon in Russian Church Slavic.

Slavic MSS 5


Kniga glagolemai︠a︡ prologʺ (sentiabrʹ-noiabrʹ).


Prologue composed of short accounts of saints' lives and feasts to be read at early morning services September through November.

Slavic MSS 1


ʺSkazanīe děi︠a︡nīi apostolʹskikhʺ spisana Loukoi︠u︡ evangelistomʺ po lětekhʺ mnozěkhʺ strasti gospodnę. 


New Testament Acts in Church Slavonic, with notes in Polish.


The manuscript was given to the Church of St. Barbara [in Eastern Poland or Western Ukraine] during an official visit by a representative of the (Basilian?) Order on 23 December 1725,. Inscription is signed Stephan Liscienko.

Slavic MSS 16




Russian Orthodox service book. Includes liturgies of Pope Gregory, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Basil; service for the Pentecost; rites of baptism, betrothal, crowning, burial; rites of sanctification of Holy Water and oil, and of curing the deaf and the dumb; canons on the conducting of services and on church offerings; Prokeimena.


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Manuscripts about Eastern Europe


Beinecke MS 1048

[between 1500 and 1600].

Discorso sopra nuova elettione da farsi del re di Polonia.

Beinecke MS 1049

[betwen 1500 and 1600].

Relatione del clarissimo Girolamo Lippomano ritornato ambasciatore dal Serenissimo Re di Polonia dal Signoria di Venetia del 1575.

Beinecke MS 381

Venice, 1513.

Manuscript on parchment of a Ducale issued in the name of Leonardo Loredan, doge of Venice (1438-1521), giving instructions to Andrea Marcello as Governor of Dulcigno (now Ulcinj, Montenegro).

Gen MSS Vol 427

c.1600 (1568).

Relatione copiosissima del regno di Pollonia riscrita dall'Abbate Ruggieri a Pio quarto ritornando dal Re Sigismundo Aug[us]to nel anno del Signor 1568.

Beinecke MS 960

[c. 1580].

Albert Schlichting, Narratio de moribus et imperandi crudelitate Basilii Muscovie magni ducis in anno 1569 usque ad 1570.

Beinecke MS 959

Italy, [between 1590 and 1600].

Relatio particolare di Moscovia de 1577.

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