Greek and Byzantine Manuscripts


The Beinecke has a sizable holding of medieval Greek manuscripts and it continues to acquire items as they become available. The following list is not comprehensive of the Beinecke’s holdings, but presents those manuscripts that have a significant portion of Greek text. For quick reference, a handlist is available. Where available, images in the Beinecke Digital Collections are linked through the photo accompanying each item.


Note that ancient papyri are not included in this list and can instead be found at the Papyrus Collection Database.


Recent Acquisitions

Late Antiquity

Codices, Bifolia, & Scrolls


Beinecke MS 1145

s. X, XIV, and XV, Byzantium (Constantinople?)

Hoffman Gospels

Pictured: f. 114v (Full-page miniature of tetramorph at beginning of Gospel of Mark)

Beinecke MS 1180

ca. 1200-1249, Byzantium

Gospel Lectionary

Pictured: f. 1r (Easter Sunday reading from book of John)

Beinecke MS 1155

ca. 1325, Byzantium

Office of Holy Communion (scroll)

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Recent Acquisitions



Late Antiquity


P.CtYBR inv. 415

s. III

Papyrus fragment, Ephesians 4:16-29, 4:31-5:13

Beinecke MS 544

between 300 and 325, Greek Near East

I and II Samuel

P.CtYBR inv. 4475 qua

s. IV or V

Papyrus fragment, Exodus 6:12-27

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Codices, Bifolia, & Scrolls


Beinecke MS 676

s. IX, Egypt [?]

Trishagion Prayer

Pictured: recto

Beinecke MS 249

s. IX/X, s. XIII/XIV, Byzantium

Psalmi et Odae cum Catena, etc.

Beinecke MS 1145

s. X, XIV, and XV, Byzantium (Constantinople?)

Hoffman Gospels

Pictured: f. 114v Full-page miniature of tetramorph at beginning of Gospel of Mark.

Beinecke MS 1111

s. XI, Southern Italy


Pictured: ff. 54v-55r

Beinecke MS 150

s. XI (1st half), Byzantium

Seymour Gospels (2 vols.)

Pictured: vol. 2. f. 3v Frontispiece to Luke

Beinecke MS 503

s. XII, Byzantine East

Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Pictured: f. 1r

Beinecke MS 237

s. XII/XIII [?], Byzantium

Joannes Climacus, Scala Paradisi

Beinecke MS 275

s. XII/XIII, Byzantium

Josephus, Vita

Pictured: f. 1r

Beinecke MS 187

s. XIII, Byzantium

Lectionary, etc.

Pictured: f. 5r (texts relating to the Sunday of the ἀποκρέου)

Beinecke MS 263

s. XIII, Byzantium

Gregory of Nazianzus, Sermons

Pictured: f. 250v (On Pentacost)