Ŏm Ssi hyomun ch'ŏnghaengnok, [19th century]. 嚴氏孝門淸行錄, [19th century]. 엄씨효문청행록

Eomssi hyomun cheonghaengnok (Chronicle of the filial devotion and good living of the Eom Family) YAJ K.5b.3

Japanese, Korean and Chinese Materials



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Forty-four rare Korean books were acquired by Yale as a gift from the Yale Association of Japan in 1934, which forms the majority of the Korean rare materials in the Beinecke's collection.  These forty-four books were cataloged and described by the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage of Korean (NRICH) in 2011 and published in their work, Korean Rare Books and Manuscripts at Yale University: Korean Cultural Heritage in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (ISBN: 978-89-6325-661-0 ). (Orbis)

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The thousand character classic, Ch'ŏnjamun, used to teach Chinese characters to children. Each character has the pronunciation in the Korean alphabet below. YAJ K5b.4