Recent Acquisitions

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library continues a long tradition of actively acquiring unstudied or understudied materials.  Materials are acquired through gift and purchase.  We are particularly interested in acquiring entire collections but do aquire individual volumes that complement or expand our present holdings.  If you have materials you are interested in presenting to the library that were produced before 1500, please email Raymond Clemens.  If you have questions about recently acquired materials, please contact the Beinecke's Research Librarian.

Otto F. Ege Collection


Otto F. Ege was an academic and a bookseller who is best known for breaking up medieval manuscripts and selling them in portfolios that enabled individuals and smaller libraries to own representative examples of common European manuscripts.  Otto Ege died in 1951; his wife continued to sell and donate his portfolios for several years afterwards.  Ege's grandchildren offered the collection to the Beinecke, seekng an institution that would allow scholars to research the remnants of the manuscripts that had been broken.  The collection also includes several grand leaves and whole codices that may never have been intended for sale that were on deposit at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


Materials from the Ege collection will be unavailable until they have been processed.  We will announce on this page when the materials are avaiable for study.




Beauvais Liturgical Manuscripts (Beinecke MS 1172, Beinecke MS 1173, Beinecke MS 1174, Beinecke MS 1175, Beinecke MS 1176, Beinecke MS 1177)   

The Beinecke acquired six liturgical manuscripts that were composed and used in the medieval town of Beauvais.  Two of the manuscripts are from the eleventh century; three from the twelfth; and one from the fifteenth century.  

The Heneage Rolle, De emendatione vitae and other texts. Osborn fa54


From the catalog: Manuscript, on parchment, containing the complete text of Richard Rolle's De emendatione vitae. This is followed by a complitation of extracts from texts mainly by Rolle, including portions of the Incendium amoris and the Melum and a passage from the Speculum peccatoris of Pseudo-Augustine. Followed by Thomas Fishlake's Latin translation of both books of Walter Hilton's The Scale of Perfection. William Jordaen's Latin translation of Willem Ruusbroec's van den blinckenden Steen appears between Books 1 and 2 of the Hilton.